ady Sarah & Sir Ian Howlett

Ian and Sarah decided to use Tynley Hall Hotel in Hampshire for their location for their wedding reception after they had just got back from the ice hotel in Sweden.

Ian and Sarah were not your conventional couple and hence this is why they contacted Fantaysia. They decided on a medieval theme as they both loved the medieval era.

They requested all the guests dress for their special day to enhance the medieval step back in time. The kingdom ensured their day was a special one with all medieval entertainment supplied by the kingdom with the royal minstrels and royal jester and the finest  mc and finest fighting knights who I might say got more than they bargained for with Ian as he gave them as good as they got verbally when they interrupted his nuptial banquet to cause havoc.


Ian and Sarah were so appreciative of their day and said all the guests were a little apprehensive at first but when they arrived said it has been a fantastic wedding to be invited to and so different.


Ian and Sarah comments on their day:

''Brilliant Val, can't  thank you enough for the hard work you have put into this,  thank you for an amazing day, we are so glad we had you on board to help us with this, nothing but good feed back and comments from all the guests they thoroughly enjoyed dressing up and being part of our special day

Ian and Sarah Howlett